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Azure offers innovative and scalable solutions to achieve your goals.

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Create and manage apps across multiple clouds and locally.

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Agility and scalability

Adapt your infrastructure to your needs, growing or reducing resources instantly


Security and reliability

Protect your data with best security practices and enjoy guaranteed availability


Optimized costs

Pay only for what you use, without investments in infrastructure and with flexible pricing options


Virtual Machines in the Cloud

Instant Scalability:

Adjust your computing resources instantly to meet the changing demands of your business with our Azure Virtual Machines

Unmatched Performance:

Experience exceptional performance with our virtual machines optimized for various workloads

Cloud Storage with Azure File Storage

Global Access

Store and share files easily and securely with Azure File Storage, with global access from anywhere in the world

Data Security:

Protect your data with our advanced security measures, guaranteeing the confidentiality and integrity of your information

App Service on Azure

Agile Development:

Develop web and mobile applications quickly and easily, without worrying about the complexity of the infrastructure, thanks to Azure App Service.

Automatic Scalability:

Automatically scale your applications based on demand, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Implementation and Support

Custom Implementation

Our team of Microsoft 365 experts will handle a custom implementation to meet your company's specific needs.

Continuous support

Nextcore offers ongoing technical support to ensure you get the most out of Microsoft 365 tools, resolving any issues quickly and efficiently.

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Check out some frequently asked questions about Microsoft 365 for enterprise

Depending on the version of Microsoft 365 for companies, a 50GB email mailbox per user is included, Office 365 tools to install on computers, mobile devices or use on the web, includes Microsoft Teams, 1 TB storage in One Drive and SharePoint

Al elegir a Nextcore como tu proveedor de licenciamiento Office o Microsoft 365 generamos tu factura fiscal CFDI valido en México

Microsoft 365 for business has different payment schemes: monthly, annual or monthly with annual commitment.

As a Microsoft 365 licensing partner, we offer you free first-level support in Mexico to implement Office 365 tools and other Microsoft tools for businesses.

With Microsoft Office 365 you can create corporate emails with your own domain, our team will support you to generate the necessary configurations so you can create emails to your team.